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An Incredible Blend of Energy, Structure, and Results

The Process   Career coaching starts where you are.  It moves you through the career transition process efficiently, so you get the job that you want quickly.  After an initial complimentary consultation you will receive a customized proposal.  To arrange your complimentary consultation click here.

Typical engagements focus on only two or three of the phases below with each phase lasting about one month.  All engagements are supported by client networking, so that at the end of the process you have a self sustaining support system and an expanded knowledge base.

Elizabeth  Kilbourne

Career Strategies        Chicagoland        773.590.4475           

“I knew I was good as a pastry artist, but my venture as a small bakery owner didn’t support me.  So I started working in an institutional bakery.  Elizabeth helped identify my skills and add numbers to my successes that spoke to business people. At my current company I have provided product to Starbucks, Second City and the Presidential Inaugural Ball."                              Laurie Boger - Executive Pastry Chef at Eli’s Cheesecake Company.

This is the Kaizen Blitz method, loosely translated Lightning Fast Improvement.  First we target a phase, review your process within that phase, make positive improvements by leveraging your strengths and then repeat the event with the new skills in place.